Product Description


Dark Drag’s Propjet Drag 150 is a testosterone stimulating vial that is the most commonly used supplement to boost the levels of testosterone in the body. This product of Dark Drag helps fight fatigue, exhaustion and improves your sex drive.


Symptoms like extreme mood swings, poor concentration, frequent feelings of exhaustion or fatigue, restlessness, inability to perform better in bed, erectile dysfunction, lean muscles showcase the deficiency of a hormone named Testosterone. 


The deficiency of Testosterone can be either genetic or can be caused by excessive consumption of liquor or even due to any traumatic event. But this is not a serious issue and can be easily addressed by increasing or boosting Testosterone levels. This is when Dark Drag’s Propjet Drag 150 comes into action.


Testosterone Propionate is the main ingredient of Dark Drag’s Propjet Drag 150 that stimulates the production of testosterone. Testosterone Propionate has multiple other benefits. It aids in a better sex drive, increases motivation, enhances focus and gives mental stability, boosts greater vitality and energy. It is also known for increasing the strength of the body. It is an awesome workout supplement as it reduces muscle fatigue and increases muscle mass.


Testosterone Propionate is another valuable ingredient of Propjet Drag 150. Testosterone Propionate is widely known for boosting testosterone levels in the body. It also increases stamina. Testosterone Propionate is also used to stimulate more energy for better performance. It is one of the most valued ingredients of Dark Drag’s Propjet Drag 150 as it is fast-paced. 


Dark Drag’s Propjet Drag 150 consists of 150 mg of 5 vials. This product must be stored in a clean place away from sunlight. Propjet Drag 150 must be consumed as per the directions of your doctor or any physician. All the products of Dark Drag are certified and safe for consumption.