Product Description

Stano Hemp Drag 100

Dark Drag’s Stano Hemp Drag 100 is your ultimate aid in cutting down unnecessary fats while retaining lean body mass. This product of Dark Drag is not only very effective but its results are crystal clear and one can actually feel the difference. Each and every product of Dark Drag are certified and safe for consumption with exceptional quality.


The premium ingredient of Dark Drag’s Stano Hemp Drag 100 is Stanozolol. Stanozolol is generally used by athletes and sportsmen as it helps boost muscle mass and is widely known to mimic Testosterone as it is derived from it. Apart from this, it has anabolic properties too. This ingredient of Stano Hemp Drag 100 is has a fat-burning element that helps bodybuilders and fitness-conscious people stick to their goals of losing fat without losing their muscle mass.


Stanozolol, being the prime ingredient of Dark Drag’s Stano Hemp Drag 100 has about three times greater anabolic activity than Testosterone. This means that the anabolic activity of the young cells increases resulting in greater stamina. Stanozolol is also known for retaining nitrogen in cells. This increases endurance and less fatigue. 


Bodybuilders, sprinters, sportsmen, fitness freaks, and literally anyone out there who wants to give their muscles a proper definition and lose excess fat without losing the muscle mass needs Dark Drag’s Stano Hemp Drag 100. Besides increasing endurance, it also fights to reduce stress, burn excess fat, define muscle mass, and aid an active metabolism.


All products of Dark Drag are of premium quality. That’s why our products are popular among bodybuilders and widely consumed by people from all walks of life. If you are looking for a fat burner that retains lean body mass, you must definitely try Stano Hemp Drag 100. Before consuming any product please consult with your physician.