Product Description

Gainzdrag is the mixture of three components boldenone undecylenate (200mg), testosterone cypionate (200mg) and testosterone phenylpropionate (50mg).

Boldenone Undecylenate is testosterone that has been derived from anabolic androgenic steroid and is best known as Equipoise given it by Squibb in 1970’s.

The mixture is used for bulking the lean masses and is specially made for the bodybuilders and athletes. It helps in increasing the strength that can be beneficial to an offseason mass plan, more efficient in enhancing the athlete’s performance.

Gainzdrag is also used in the cutting phase. Bodybuilders who are looking for the cuts on their body shapes can found it very useful for them.

In addition, this mixture is good for the athletes who want to burn fat then to make their masses lean. So, it keeps balance and repairs the lean mass by burning the excessive fats in the muscles.

It has some side effects also. One can consult the dietician or doctor to get the prescription upon its uses. Don’t abuse the use of the drug.