Product Description



Dark Drag’s Deca Test Gain is a liver and kidney protection and cleansing blend. Deca Test Gain is one of the most sought after products of Dark Drag as it has a very unique formulation of ingredients. The liver and kidney are the important internal organs of our human body as they hold the main responsibility of excreting the waste, controlling the hormones and facilitating proper digestion.


The impressive ingredient list of Dark Drag’s Deca Test Gain consists of Uva ursi leaf extract, Parsley seed extract, Rosemary leaf extract, fennel seed extract, Nettle root extract, Horsetail herb extract, Milk thistle seed powder, Betaine Anhydrous, Tumeric root extract, Nandrolone decanoate, Testosterone Enanthate and many more such essential ingredients.


Nandrolone decanoate is one main ingredient of Dark Drag’s Deca Test Gain because it offers so many benefits. While Nandrolone decanoate is popularly known to increase muscle mass, it also stimulates the growth of skeletal muscle and lean body muscle. This in turn reduces the effect of the metabolic syndrome. 


Dark Drag’s Deca Test Gain contains Nandrolone decanoate has numerous other benefits also. It not only aids muscle growth but also stimulates appetite. It is majorly responsible for the increased production of red blood cells in the body.


Deca Test Gain having the boon of Testosterone Enanthate further promotes the sexual hormones and aids to better sexual performance. Increased levels of testosterone remove the element of fatigue from your stressful and extremely intense workout.


Each and every product of Dark Drag are certified and safe for consumption. Dark Drag’s Deca Test Gain contains 50 capsules. The directed consumption is one capsule to be taken about 30 minutes prior to your workout. Deca Test Gain is for consumption by adults as per the direction of your doctor or physician. Not advisable for pregnant, nursing women and people on any other medications.