Product Description

Dana Drag consists of Methandienone (15mg) in it. Although it is known as the Dianabol which the most famous anabolic steroid among athletes and bodybuilders.


It gained popularity among athletes due to its quick muscle gain power, that each bodybuilder and athletes look for. This steroid increases the nitrogen concentration in the cells to make the best use out of the protein intake. It helps in muscle recovery after the workout and rebuilding them in a proper way. It is available in the form of pill or tablet which should be taken orally through the mouth.

It is beneficial to take Dana Drag because our body is not capable of retaining 100% protein from the food we eat in our muscles. By taking Dana Drag your body will be capable of retaining those proteins, making your muscles big.


Furthermore, it can also help to better use the carbohydrates from the meals we eat. Though more energy will be available, virtuous workouts and faster and bigger results will be visible.


It has some side effects also like cardiovascular problems, strokes, and addiction. One can consult the dietician or doctor to get the prescription upon its uses. Don’t abuse the use of the drug.